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With the entire world turning to online meetings for school and college classes, workplace meetings, yoga sessions, and cooking classes, it is time that we upgrade our existing devices to handle the increased workload. 

A plethora of tablets is available online for you to choose from. However, your perfect tablet needs to be chosen with great precision and care. Your choice for a tablet will depend on its use. 

Who do you need it for? What is your budget? Which tablet offers the best performance? Even if you answer these questions, you still have to choose from hundreds of tablets. Well, people, fret no more! We are here to aid you in this decision of buying a tablet for your daughter, spouse, friend or yourself! 

We list tablets that satisfy all your needs and requirements. Looking for the best tablets 2022? Read through this article!

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How We Shortlist Best Products

Shortlisting products is a very careful and well-thought-out process. First, we decide to list out all the features that are significant in any tablet. 

Next, we research products that are the best-in-class and possess all these features. Customer ratings and reviews play a very big role as ultimately it is the opinion of the clients that matters the most. Let’s have a look at some features we keep in mind while shortlisting products:

  • RAM
  • Storage Capacity- If it is expandable or not
  • Front and rear camera quality
  • WiFi compatibility
  • Voice calling features
  • Processor
  • Series
  • Battery life
  • Pricing
  • Size
  • Warranty period
  • Customer reviews and ratings

All these factors influence the decision of which products are going to make it into the best tablets list and which are not.

So that’s All about the top tablets that you can currently buy in India. If You have any queries please share them in the comments below.

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